If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering how the insurance company for the person who caused your injury will evaluate your claim. A First Coast motorcycle accident attorney may be able to answer specific questions about your case, but here is some general information on how insurance claims adjusters look at cases: A general rule of thumb is that the higher your medical bills are, the more your case is worth. However, if there is any suspicion that you have incurred unnecessary large medical expenses or that you went to a medical treatment “mill” to artificially increase your bills, the claims adjusters will be less likely to pay out. To avoid this suspicion, select your primary treating doctor yourself instead of having your First Coast motorcycle accident attorney choose your doctor. Also have your treating doctor refer you to a board-certified specialist to confirm your course of treatment and future care. Adjusters will also take into account what your future medical bills are likely to be (insofar as such bills are predictable). Have your attorney get a doctor’s opinion and estimate about what your medical bills will be and send it to the insurance company during settlement negotiations. Another factor is the amount of wages lost due to time off from work. You must be able to document this, through a written report from your doctor establishing your disability and for how long you were unable to work, and a note from your employer verifying your wages and time taken off (which must match the doctor’s report). Without these, the claims adjuster will likely refuse to include wage loss in your damages, especially if your claimed lost time is greater than expected for comparable injuries. Similarly, the likelihood of future wage loss due to your injuries will be a factor. You might have future lost wages due to a permanent disability, expected future hospitalizations or surgeries, and time off for other treatments such as physical therapy. Have your First Coast motorcycle accident attorney obtain a written medical opinion establishing these expected costs to use in settlement negotiations. If you have more questions about how to proceed with your case, contact John Fagan for a free evaluation of your claim.