How Insurance Companies Do Cost-Benefit Analyses of Personal Injury Claims When you file a personal injury claim, you should prepare for the process to be long and tedious, with an insurance company that seems uncooperative and slow. A Orange Park injury attorney can help you deal with the insurance company and try to get your case settled more quickly.Orange Park injury attorneyInsurance defense lawyers get more money by dragging out the litigation process as long as possible, not by settling early. Insurance adjusters have a vested interest in getting cases settled. But if settlement talks break down and your case goes to litigation, your file moves off the adjuster’s desk and onto a defense attorney’s. And defense attorneys earn most of their money by litigating. They bill the insurer by the hour for services rendered and costs incurred and are hired to win the case, not to settle early. If your Orange Park injury attorney takes your case to a lawsuit, you can expect the litigation process to be even more laborious and time-consuming for both of you. Defense attorneys are not looking for easy opportunities to settle cases quickly, even if you and your attorney would be willing to settle, so you and your attorney must be willing and ready to go all the way to trial if necessary. Some insurance companies never settle small-to-medium range cases unless you file a lawsuit. Your Orange Park injury attorney will know that certain state and national insurers are notorious within the industry for being stingy and conservative about settling personal injury claims. Those carriers have an entrenched corporate philosophy, maybe even a formal written-down policy, of not settling small claims—especially if the claimant alleges soft-tissue injuries, and especially if the claimant is not represented by a Orange Park injury attorney. These insurers know that claimants without legal counsel are often ignorant about aspects of the law and might believe they have to accept any settlement offered. They also know that most personal injury attorneys are more inclined to settle than go to trial, which puts the insurer at an advantageous position in settlement talks. Contact Us If you are filing a personal injury claim, it is in your best interest to be represented by a Orange Park injury attorney. Call First Coast Accident Lawyers at 904-278-1000.