In order to place a review on Google, you must have a Google account. Opening a Google account is free and takes less than 5 minutes…and you will
get free Gmail Email address too.

STEP 1 – Create A Google Account

1. Click here: and you will be taken to a screen which looks like this:

Enter the required information and click on the button that says “Next Step”.

2. Next, you will be seeing a Privacy and Terms of Google. Click on Agree.

3. You have now successfully created your google account and will see this “Welcome” screen

STEP 2 – Create a Google Review

1.When you are not yet logged in your Google, you will be seeing this:

Select your account and enter your password:

3.You are now ready to rate and review: You will see a screen like the one below

4.Click on the stars for the rating with 5 being the highest and 1 as the lowest.

5. Click on “Post” to submit your review.