Florida Motorcycle Accident Questions

We have listed the most common motorcycle accident questions asked by our clients below.  If you don’t find an answer here, then please feel free to contact us for assistance. Back to Main FAQ Page A car made a left turn in front of me and caused an accident.  I was on a motorcycle.  Who is at fault? You might be eligible to file a claim.  Making a left turn is almost always responsible for a collision when any vehicle is coming from the other direction.  There are exceptions, such as if you were speeding, ran a red light or acted in a careless manner.   In that instance, you might be held partially responsible as per Florida law. What insurance should I have to protect my family if I am injured in a motorcycle accident? No-Fault (PIP) law does not apply to motorcycles. Proof of insurance is not required to register your motorcycle. However, the Financial Responsibility Law still applies in the even of an accident.  If you are in a motorcycle accident and cannot prove that you have $10,000 of medical coverage you could face penalties and even loose your license.  It is also recommended to purchase uninsured motorist insurance just to be sure your family is take care of as well. Purchase BI at least in the same amount. Most people would say $100,000 is the least amount of BI or UM anyone should carry. Does Florida have a helmet law? Up until July of 2000, all motorcycle riders were required to wear a helmet.  The law now is that riders over the age of 21 who have at least $10,000 in medical coverage can ride without a helmet.  However we recommend anyone operating a motorcycle wear a helmet.  It lowers the risk of a fatal injury by almost 30% and lowers the chance of brain injury by almost 70%.  Ride smart. How is negligence proven in a motorcycle accident case? Most motorcycle accidents are a combination of neglect, carelessness or a failure to act.  The law requires that a people owe each other a duty to act how any responsible person would act under similar circumstances.  We will need to prove that the person who caused the accident failed in this duty to hold him or her responsible for your damages. Back to Main FAQ Page