Florida Dog Bite Law Questions

We have listed the most common Florida dog bite law questions asked by our clients below.  If you don’t find an answer here, then please feel free to contact us for assistance. Back to Main FAQ Page Is Florida a “one-bite” state? No. Does a homeowner’s insurance typically cover dog bites? Yes, typically a homeowner’s insurance policy covers most dog bite injuries. Can posting a “Beware of Dog” absolve a homeowner of liability if the dog bites? In some instances a sign like this can prove that you altered others to the precise of a dog on your premises.  However, your case will be investigated to determine if there is truly any liability based on the facts of the claim. What information will my dog bite attorney need to prove my case?
  • The identity of the dog owner
  • If that particular dog did, in fact, bite the victim
  • That the victim was lawfully in a public or private place, which is also the property of the owner of the dog
  • If the bite actually caused your injury and suffering
  • If the dog has any past record of biting in the past
What kinds of damages can I claim if I have been bitten?
  • All medical treatment associated with the bite, such as ambulance, emergency room, first aid, prescriptions, etc.
  • Future medical treatment for possible scaring
  • Counseling for emotional trauma caused by a vicious dog attack
  • Loss of wages due to the injuries
  • Items damaged in the attack, such as broken cell phones, ripped clothing, broken glasses, etc.
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