Essential Advice for the Witness Stand

If your First Coast personal injury attorney feels that it is in your best interest to proceed to litigation, he may need you to testify at trial. This can be an intimidating prospect for some, but if you keep some simple pieces of advice in mind, you will be able to testify effectively at your personal injury trial. The first piece of advice is to avoid losing your temper. The opposing attorney may attempt to rile you, and if you lose your temper, you will rapidly lose credibility with the jurors. No matter what the other attorney says, respond politely. If you stay collected, you may impress the jury. Next, make sure you listen carefully the entire question before you answered. Some witnesses volunteer information they do not have to because they mishear or anticipate a question. This may damage your case. It will also help you build credibility with jurors when you make eye contact with them. Jurors tend to find witnesses who can look them in the eye more credible than witnesses who never meet their gaze. Also, make sure you conduct yourself with confidence on the witness stand. Answer with “yes” or “no” instead of using slang like “yeah.” Do not look to your First Coast personal injury attorney to prompt you to answer, since jurors will notice and begin to doubt the authenticity of your testimony. Remember never to exaggerate your injuries. For example, do not fake a limp if the pain in your leg has healed. Such tactics are amazingly transparent, and the opposing attorney and the jury will know what you are trying to do. Lastly, make sure that you always, always tell the truth. The single most damaging thing that you could on the stand is lie. If the opposing attorney catches you in a lie, your case may be damaged irrevocably. Even a small lie can utterly destroy a case. An experienced First Coast personal injury attorney will be able to coach you before you take the stand, and make sure that you give the best testimony possible Make sure you have one on your side before you reach that point; call First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.