What is Colossus?

Colossus is a computer program used by many insurance companies to analyze claims. To use it, the insurance adjuster enters details about the claimant and his injury, which are used to calculate the claim’s projected settlement value based on past settlements. The insurance adjuster may use this figure as leverage for settlement negotiations. The insurance companies try to portray Colossus as an impartial way to estimate the value of a settlement. They claim that using a computer program with a central database to make claims estimates rather than relying on individual claims adjusters with limited knowledge and personal biases results in more consistent estimates. However, any Florida personal insurance attorney can tell you that Colossus is extremely flawed, and several factors bias the program in favor of the insurance company. The first flaw is the program’s treatment of soft-tissue injuries. Colossus bases its settlement estimates on the amount of objective medical evidence that an injury produces. However, this biases the program against soft-tissue injuries, which do not show up in X-rays and the like. Indeed, the program will not consider the personal factors of the insurance claim. It will not consider the pain and suffering of the claimant, nor will it consider the effects that the injury had on the claimant’s quality of life. The Colossus software is simply unable to make human judgments the way a judge and jury can. Furthermore, the Colossus software considers aspects of your claim that are unrelated to your injury. For example, Colossus is known to give lower estimates when the claimant has an attorney who does not have a strong litigation history. Any claimant can benefit from the assistance of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney knows the limitations of a Colossus estimate and can use them as leverage during settlement negotiations and point them out to a jury. If you or a loved one have been injured, don’t face the insurance companies alone. Call today for a free initial consultation with First Coast personal injury lawyer, John Fagan.