Your First Coast Personal Injury Attorney Will “Sell” Your Claim Package to the Insurer

A good First Coast personal injury attorney will also be a good salesman, as strange as that may sound. Your personal injury attorney has a legal education and several years of experience “handling” insurance claims adjusters, and he or she will know that he is actually “selling” a package to the claims adjuster when negotiating with them. What your attorney is selling is pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. A good salesman knows how to package a product to make it most favorable to the client, and this is what yourFirstCoastpersonal injury attorney will do as well. Your attorney is selling the package of pain and suffering and medical bills in order to avoid litigating these claims, which is expensive and time-consuming. There are ways you can tell a good plaintiff’s attorney who is trying to do what is best for your case: The attorney ignores the clock and spends time with the claims adjuster. Insurance adjusters do not like to feel like they are second-class when dealing with your attorney, so if your attorney makes time with them to discuss your case in detail and have a productive negotiation, the claims representative will feel equal and be more amenable to a favorable settlement. The attorney shares information with the claims representative. A goodFirstCoastpersonal injury attorney will make sure to ask the representative, “Did you get a copy of the police report/hospital record/medical bill?” If the representative says no, a good attorney will have a copy on hand to give to the representative to assist in processing your claim. The attorney is familiar with and sympathetic to the process that claims adjusters go through when evaluating claims and appreciates what they need. A good attorney will know what documentation the representative needs (even if the representative isn’t sure). For example, it is likely that in a car accident, the insurance claims representative will probably need a copy of the police report, medical bills, medical report, and a statement of lost wages. The attorney will take care to make sure that copies of all relevant documentation are sent to the adjuster (and that they are legible).