Claims Adjusters Might Try to Unfairly Lower Your Claim

As our experienced Florida personal injury attorney will tell you, some adjusters have been known to use disingenuous or tactics to pay claimants much less than what they actually deserve. These are just a few of the tactics they have been known to use. If a claimant has previously been involved in a particularly strenuous legal battle, adjusters might use the claimant’s previous experiences to try to convince him that contacting a personal injury attorney would result in a lawsuit that is just as draining. These adjusters will argue that instead of paying attorney’s fees, the claimant should just take a lower settlement that they can pocket entirely and save time in the process. This can sound tempting to a claimant who has recently paid a large amount in attorneys fees. This claim is ultimately disingenuous, however, because it purposefully undersells the leverage a personal injury attorney can have during negotiations. The amount of time the claimant loses is far outsized by the amount of convenience gained. Another tactic that adjusters have been known to use is by trying to assign blame for the damages on the claimant in order to refuse payment. This has been done, even when it is absolutely clear that claimant was absolutely not liable for his accident in any way. Consequential damages are especially vulnerable to this abuse. An adjuster might claim that the claimant was responsible if her purse was stolen when she was in the ambulance, A related tactic involves accusing the claimant of purposefully exacerbating his injury for a better claim. If there were extenuating circumstances that prevented a claimant from seeking medical attention immediately, the adjuster might claim that this was purposeful aggravation of the injury and refuse to pay at all. One last tactic involves the suggestion that accepting a high settlement would increase the claimant’s premium. This is usually untrue if the claimant was not at fault. If you have been injured in Florida, you need an experienced personal injury attorney who can look out for these unscrupulous tactics and others like it. Call Florida personal injury attorney John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.