If you have been injured in an accident, you may be wondering how the insurance company will evaluate your case and what you can expect in terms of a settlement value. But before you get dollar signs in your eyes, you should understand that what your case is worth depends on a great deal of factors and is not always easy to predict. A First Coast personal injury attorney can help you understand what your case might be worth and what your chances of winning a substantial damages award are. One crucial factor is the amount of liability you had in the incident. If you were at fault even partially for what happened, or if the claims adjuster can point fingers at a third-party rather than the insured party, your case will be more difficult to argue. This is especially true if you are in a comparative or contributory negligence state. If there are any weaknesses or soft spots in your case, you can expect that the insurance company adjuster will give them a lot of attention and try to use them to knock down the settlement offer. An experienced First Coast personal injury attorney will do his or her homework and will be able to compile a thorough and comprehensive report that presents your case in the most favorable light possible. This report will be given to the insurer (if it is 100% favorable) to try to convince them that your case is unimpeachable, with the understanding that if the insurer refuses and the case goes to trial, your attorney will submit the same report to the jury to overcome any objections the insurer has. Your attorney will want to convince the insurer they have little hope of winning the sympathies of the jury. There might be certain aggravating factors about the defendant that may make your case more likely to settle, such as prior court awards against the defendant. If the defendant is a public figure who has been in the media limelight before, a public court battle might be the last thing he or she wants to endure. If you have any further questions about how to evaluate your personal injury case, contact experienced First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.